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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Of Light

This is an assignment for Patch's class (Illustration Methods) for which we had to portray the power of light. Of course what this really means is to make a composition that uses light to show what's really going on, or as a character itself. It was also required to make this project personal, so I chose to convey situations from work.

After the thumbnail was chosen I drew up a detailed sketch of what I wanted. AHHH THE PATTERNS! No but really, the amount of detail saved so much time in the long run. Once the sketch was approved, and places of error where pointed out I moved onto the color sketch.

There isn't much to say here other then one has red carpet, and the other green, etc. I added the color digitally. This helped me decide the colors for the final, its really nice to not scramble around with such things. Then something amazing happened. I got to start work on the final. Not many changes were made in the long run. The figure in the front is slightly longer and extra shadows were added as well.

Old Men 8x10 digital

This started out as me trapped in the back of an elevator by a hoard of old men. However as it progressed it became deeper then that. Feel free to interpret as you would like.